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PGA TOUR holds the exclusive right to provide media outlets and their representatives with access to Tournaments.

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*Updated 11/23

These Media Regulations establish the terms by which a media outlet and its representatives may request, receive and use credentials to access PGA TOUR tournaments for news and editorial purposes. These Media Regulations form a binding contract between PGA TOUR, Inc. (“PGA TOUR”), a Media Outlet and its Credential Holders (as defined below). In consideration of receiving credentials from PGA TOUR under these Media Regulations, each Media Outlet and its Credential Holders accept and agree to these Media Regulations.

1. PGA TOUR Holds Exclusive Media Rights. PGA TOUR holds the exclusive right to provide media outlets and their representatives with access to Tournaments. All media rights in and to Tournaments, including rights to all forms of audio, video and photography, are held exclusively by PGA TOUR. For purposes of these Media Regulations, “Tournaments” means all sanctioned tournaments on the PGA TOUR, PGA TOUR Champions, Korn Ferry Tour and PGA TOUR Americas (the “Tours”), including the competition, practice rounds (including pro-ams), qualifiers, practice areas, hospitality areas and all surrounding events and areas at the tournament site(s) on all tournament days (typically Monday – Sunday). A “Media Day” preceding the week of a Tournament will also be a considered part of the Tournament for purposes of these Media Regulations, unless otherwise specifically set forth in these Media Regulations.

2. Overview of Credentials. PGA TOUR issues credentials under these Media Regulations solely to approved individuals (“Credential Holders”) representing an approved media outlet (“Media Outlet”). A credential authorizes a Credential Holder, on a temporary and conditional basis, to access a Tournament on behalf of his/her Media Outlet and collect and distribute certain content for news and editorial purposes in accordance with these Media Regulations. Credentials are issued either for a specific Tournament (e.g., to a local outlet) or on a season-long basis.

3. Credential Requests. Credential requests for Tournaments (including Media Days) must be submitted by a Media Outlet for its desired Credential Holders through PGA TOUR’s credentialing system. Credential requests from a Media Outlet must include the following information:
a. Media Outlet. The name of the Media Outlet.
b. Credential Holder(s). The individual name(s) of the Media Outlet’s desired Credential Holders.
c. Competition Photography. The name of each Credential Holder, if any, that desires to be credentialed as a “Competition Photographer” (for purposes of having the permission set forth in Section II.5.a below).

4. Credential Approvals. PGA TOUR reserves sole discretion to approve or deny a credential request in whole or in part. If PGA TOUR approves a credential request, PGA TOUR will record the approval in its credentialing system and issue a credential to the approved Credential Holder, setting forth the name of the Credential Holder, his/her Media Outlet and whether the Credential Holder is a Competition Photographer. To receive an issued credential, each Credential Holder and his/her Media Outlet must accept and agree to the approved terms of the credential and these Media Regulations in PGA TOUR’s credentialing system.

8. Revocation of Credentials. PGA TOUR reserves sole discretion to revoke credentials issued under these Media Regulations, and/or the approved terms of a specific credential, in whole or in part at any time.

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Capturing photo and/or video during tournament week

On-Site Content Application:


PGA TOUR restricts those who may capture content (video and photo) on-site at its tournaments.

The only people or entities who are authorized to capture content on-site at PGA TOUR tournaments during tournament week are:

  • PGA TOUR’s official broadcasters
  • PGA TOUR’s official photography provider (Getty Images)
  • Credentialed media members (subject to PGA TOUR Media Regulations)
  • PGA TOUR players (under their applicable social media guidelines)
  • Host organizations (under their applicable social media guidelines – attached)
  • Title sponsors (under their applicable social media guidelines – attached)

Who needs to fill out this request form?

If you fall outside of the groups mentioned above, or if you fall within one of the groups mentioned above but wish to exceed the boundaries of the on-site content capturing rights granted to you, you MUST submit this request to conduct on-site content capturing during tournament week at one or more PGA TOUR tournaments.

But, please note, if you are seeking to capture content on-site for a commercial purpose and your project is not being done on behalf of (or in direct connection with) a PGA TOUR player, tournament host, sponsor, or media partner, your request is likely to be denied.

Some important notes before you complete and submit this form:

  1. If your request is granted (fully or partially), you will be required to enter into PGA TOUR’s On-Site Content Agreement with License Back, in which you will transfer all copyrights in your content to PGA TOUR and receive a temporary, limited, non-exclusive license to use the content for the approved purposes and in the approved manner.
  2. You will likely not be allowed to capture competition content, which includes all still and video images of all activity on the golf course or in practice areas (inside the ropes) at the host facility during the week of a PGA TOUR tournament, including during the Pro-Am and practice rounds.
  3. You will not be allowed to capture content on-site if you intend to use it in a manner that would create a marketing association with PGA TOUR or any tournament where none formally exists.
  4. Similarly, in the case of PGA TOUR or tournament sponsors, you will not be allowed to use content captured on-site for any use that goes beyond the scope of your sponsorship rights.  For local market tournament sponsors (i.e., any sponsor who is not the title sponsor or presenting sponsor or an official marketing partner of the TOUR), this means that any permitted content would have to be geo-blocked to the local market only.
  5. You will be responsible for all clearances, including from recognizable brands, players and fans appearing in the content.
  6. PGA TOUR reserves the right to charge you a license fee for use of the content.
  7. Incidental tournament logos appearing in the content will require PGA TOUR approval prior to usage in most cases. PGA TOUR logos may never appear, even incidentally, unless you are an Official Sponsor of the PGA TOUR or other PGA TOUR rights holder.

General Instructions:

  1. Please submit this request at least 10 days prior to the date on which you wish to capture content.
  2. Once received, your request will be reviewed by PGA TOUR.
  3. PGA TOUR will then report its decision back to you, along with any license fee.
  4. If you wish to proceed with the on-site content capturing on the terms set forth by PGA TOUR, then you must sign and return PGA TOUR’s On-Site Content Agreement with License Back prior to the first date on which you wish to capture still photos or film videos. PGA TOUR will then sign and return a fully executed version to you.

Drone Policy:

  • Each request must include the purpose of the proposed flight and the flight plan (including the pilot, day and time, takeoff and landing locations, and flight route).
  • A request should be submitted no later than 10 days prior to the tournament to the on-site content application link provided:
  • REQUIRED FAA CERTIFICATION / INSURANCE. Together with the flight request, the requesting party must submit copies of the following to the PGA TOUR: (i) the FAA registration of the drone; (ii) the FAA certification of the pilot; and (iii) evidence of the operator’s aviation liability insurance with a minimum limit of $1,000,000 per occurrence, naming the PGA TOUR, Inc., its subsidiaries and their respective officers, directors and employees, the tournament venue, and the host organization (as applicable) as additional insureds valid through the date of the flight.