Areas of impact: Blank Children’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 

You know milestones are celebrated every day.

Babies are born. Graduation. Birthdays. Retirement. You may have had a celebration and know it’s important to honor those moments in life.

At Blank Children’s Hospital, the littlest victories are celebrated, and of course the big ones too.

Blank Children’s Hospital has served as one of Principal Charity Classic (PCC) Tournament Charity Partners. Proceeds from Principal Charity Classic have directly impacted the littlest patients inside the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in meaningful ways by purchasing new equipment and providing specialized care.

For 50 years, the NICU at Blank Children’s has been walking with families and caring for newborns with complex, critical needs. Newborns like Cohen.

Allison and Ross were excited to welcome their first child, Cohen. Pregnancy was going well until delivery. During delivery, Cohen went without blood and oxygen to his vital organs for one minute and twelve seconds. For those crucial moments, the world stopped for Allison and Ross.

Cohen was rushed to the NICU. There he was met with a team of experts, state-of-the-art equipment and the best comfort for not only Cohen, but Allison and Ross too.

“Cohen showed us from day one how tough he is,” says Allison.

Our partnership with PCC provides newborns like Cohen the necessary resources they need to grow and thrive. Their gift brings celebration throughout the hospital and helps expand the NICU.

“The thing with the NICU is that you don’t necessarily know what you need until you need it,” Allison says. “Having access to specialized equipment, resources for parents to learn what is happening to your child, and even being provided with a simple book to read to Cohen was so important.”

Cohen had to meet different milestones to be released from the NICU. Today Cohen loves to read to his younger sister, Hailey, and copying everything his daddy does. He requests endless tickles and kisses from his mommy.

Every day, newborns like Cohen need critical care. PCC’s support continues to provide comfort and treatment needed, so families can celebrate milestones achieved.

Thank you for giving strength and comfort to kids and families like the Cohen.



About Blank Children’s Hospital

At Blank Children’s Hospital, a service of UnityPoint Health, we embrace a family-centered care philosophy where families are recognized as the most important part of a child’s healing process and are encouraged to be actively involved in patient care as the constant in children’s lives. From spending the night in their child’s room to family space and play areas, Blank Children’s Hospital is full of amenities to make family involvement easy and comfortable. Our care philosophy has shown that children are less anxious, require less medication and recover faster.