Building a better future

As one of the marquee events in Des Moines, we understand our unique position in the marketplace to promote a sustainable event that has the potential to yield positive social and environmental outcomes for our community.

Resource Management

Waste, water, and energy are our most directly controlled environmental impacts. The baseline measurements of waste production/diversion, water consumption, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions will allow us to set goals for future tournaments’ environmental footprint.


• Produced tournament waste management policy3
• Baselined waste diversion and measured recycling, construction and demolition, water, and recovery
disposal streams
• Established food recovery with Eat Greater Des Moines
• Diverted 6.9 tons of material from the landfill


• Baselined measurement of water consumption from tournament operations such as course irrigation and potable water
• Provided spectators with free on-course water thanks to Des Moines Water Works
• Provided flushless toilets on course to
reduce water

Energy and Emissions

Thanks to our partners at MidAmerican energy, 2,450 renewable energy credits (RECs) were retired on behalf of the tournament to offset 90% of the tournament’s carbon impact in 2022.

• Produced Energy Management Plan for tournament operations and supply chain consumption
• Calculated tournament operations and supply chain carbon footprint and includes scopes 1, 2, and 3
GHG emissions
• Provided on-site shuttle service for general spectator parking, relieving vehicle congestion and reducing idling
• Provided 16 hybrid vehicles in the tournament courtesy car fleet

Sustainability timeline and goals

April: Principal releases 2021 Sustainability Report

March: Principal Charity Classic formalizes tournament Sustainability Program
May: Phase 1 implementation of ADAPT DSM

ADAPT DSM plan development and implementation

Principal Charity Classic goal 40% waste diversion

City of Des Moines goal 28% reduction in emissions from 2008 levels

Principal Charity Classic goal 30% reduction in emissions 2022 baseline

City of Des Moines goal 45% reduction in emissions from 2010 levels

Principal Charity Classic goal zero waste tournament

Principal Charity Classic goal carbon neutral tournament
Principal goal 40% reduction in emissions

Principal & City of Des Moines goal net zero emissions

2022 Principal Charity Classic Sustainability Report 

2022 Sustainability Report

Planning and communications

We know that we cannot go on this sustainability journey alone. The relationships we have prioritized are with the in-market sustainability decision-makers. Partnerships were formed with the City of Des Moines’ Sustainability Program Manager, Metro Waste Authority, and Eat Greater Des Moines. These stakeholders are prioritizing sustainability locally and we want to be the convener and platform for Des Moines sustainability.

We know that to truly foster a more secure world, we must be mindful
of our impact on it. That’s why we insist on environmentally responsible
behaviors by our company, our employees, and our business partners.

The Principal Charity Classic is the most impactful engagement opportunity
to communicate local environmental and social opportunities as a company
and to translate sustainability advancement to our community members.

City of Des Moines
To better coordinate our response to climate change, reduce harmful
emissions, and chart a more resilient future, the City of Des Moines is
developing a community-wide climate action and adaptation plan.

The Principal Charity Classic’s sustainability commitment and investment
to the Des Moines community creates a new standard for how all events
can operate henceforth with the baseline of incorporating sustainability in
operations that are in line with the City of Des Moines and ADAPT DSM.

Golf Environment Organization (GEO)
Professional and amateur tournaments around the world are stepping
forward to drive positive change when it comes to staging, hosting, and
delivering a lasting legacy.

GEO serves as the framework for sustainable tournament operational
implementation along with the international standard of environmental
and social sustainability for golf tournaments. Our initial findings from
this report are measured against tournament certification as we hold
ourselves accountable for our actions and identify current successes,
and future operational and supply chain efficiencies.

Principal Charity Classic Sustainability Partners

Zero Waste Partner
Clean Energy Partner
Zero Waste Partner